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ARROWS (Stella Corkery)


Arrows is the nom de plume of the audio output of New Zealand artist Stella Corkery. Primarily known as a painter, Corkery’s musical history goes back to the late 1980s when she was a member of Xpressway band Angelhead, Flying Nun/Siltbreeze band Queen Meanie Puss and riot grrl band Fake Purr. She has also been one half of experimental duo White Saucer since the late 1990s.

This tape is Corkery’s first full length release as Arrows. It comprises of two side-long pieces exploring different aspects of the drone. Side one, recorded in November 2023, is an improvisation utilising a vintage Bontempi PK88 Polyphonic Keyboard. It was recorded with two microphones and incorporates intentional phasing effects while capturing the unique timbral materiality of the Bontempi. Side two, Ashes, was recorded in 2008 for a one sided lathecut with a variety of percussion instruments and a Yamaha SY-1 synthesiser re-amped through a Jansen lil brute. Both pieces are sublime deep dives into the eternal sound pool and are highly recommended.

Corkery’s visual work is represented by Michael Lett gallery.

Released in 2024 by Pink Air.

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