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Dana Schutz
Between Us


Dana Schutz is one of the great figurative painters of our time—an eminent storyteller who depicts people in complex and often gigantic compositions. For two decades now, Schutz has distinguished herself with her tremendous narrative power, vigorous sense of color and ability to merge the gruesome, grotesque, absurd and comic.
This richly illustrated catalog presents paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture, providing an overview of Schutz’s entire career to date. Alongside a thorough analysis of Schutz’s work by curator Anaël Pigeat, it presents a studio visit described in detail by art critic (and friend of the artist) Jarrett Earnest, whose text is accompanied by Polaroids of the studio that unfold Schutz’s working methods. Also featured is a conversation between curator Anders Kold and the artist, and a poetic essay by award-winning author Lauren Groff.

Published by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in 2023
160 pages
ISBN 9788793659643

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