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Stella Corkery
DDMMYY 010913


The DDMMYY zine series feature works by a single artist each issue, indexed by its date of publication.

DDMMYY 010913 features the work of Stella Corkery, an artist who has likened her approach to painting with recycling. She uses and reuses ideas and materials from various histories to create new iterations of already existing content. Favouring concepts of experimentation and expression, Stella marks out a space in painting with a generosity of multitude usually reserved for digital image-making. The paintings included in DDMMYY 010913 were all created in 2012 and were exhibited as part of Freedom Farmers at the Auckland Art Gallery, 2013.

Published 01.09.13
31 full colour images
32 pages
Edition of 500

ISSN 2324-576x

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