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Artists and writers on gendered violence


This publication was conceived on March 15, 2021, when more than one hundred thousand people marched across Australia in a series of March 4 Justice protests calling for gender equality and justice for victims of sexual assault. While these protests were motivated by anger at the lack of response by the Australian federal government to current and historic rape allegations, they were part a larger global movement that was gathering momentum. Edited by Vikki McInnes and designed by Kim Mumm Hansen, Enough: Artists and writers on gendered violence comprises creative responses to the issues highlighted in these protests. Responses are subjective, poetic, cathartic, and as fiercely political and deeply personal as the issues they address.

With contributions by: Anjella Roessler, Anna Ricciardi, Claire Bridge, Darcey Bella Arnold, Deborah Eddy, Freda Drakopoulos, Helen Grogan, Iona Mackenzie Cant, Isabelle Sully, Jordan Wood, Josephine Mead, Julie Vinci, June Miskell, Katie Paine, Katie Sfetkidis, Louise R Mayhew, Makeda Duong, Michelle Hamer, Natalie King, Natasha Rai, Nell, Nur Shkembi, Philipa Rothfield, Sandra Minchin-Delohery, Sophia Cai, Tina Stefanou, Wendy Catling, and Zoë Bastin.

Published by Perimeter Editions x CoVA at the University of Melbourne (Melbourne) in 2023
224 pages
22 x 14.5 cm
Cold glue bind, softcover with flap

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