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Kate Newby
Pocket Works


“While teaching I will pull the pocket works out and ask my students to describe what is in my hand. I tell them they’re a work of art. What I want to talk about is how the sum is greater than the things I hold, and to pose the question of where art is or what happens with it, that it might be the relationship between the viewer, the artist, and the object, that this relationship could be private.” JK

Kate Newby, Pocket Works was commissioned in conjunction with the exhibition ‘A puzzling light and moving’, on view from October 6 2018 to October 6 2019 at the lumber room, Portland, Oregon, United States. This book was a collaboration between the artist, the lumber room, and seven writers: Sara Jaffe, Jennifer Kabat, Sarah Miller Meigs, Eileen Myles, Sarah Sentilles, Stephanie Snyder and Kyle Dancewicz. Each contributor was given a pocket work to live with over time and to respond with an essay.

First edition of 500 copies
Published by lumber room, Portland, in 2019
Printed in Portland, United States
102 pages
18.8 x 13.1cm, cloth-cover casebound
ISBN 978-1-7340236-0-2

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