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Mike Kelley
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Published shortly after Kelley’s death in 2012, 99.9998% Remaining is part-tribute, part-career retrospective. The book contains photographs of important exhibitions of the artist between 1982 and 2011 as well as illustrations of fundamental works throughout different phases. There are also countless stills from legendary videos by and/or with Mike Kelley, such as Banana Man (1983), Heidi (1992, with Paul McCarthy), EVOL (1984, by Tony Oursler) and Sir Drone (1989, by Raymond Pettibon). In his accompanying essay, editor Harald Falckenberg, one of Mike Kelley’s most important collectors, gives a thorough overview of the different stages in the artist’s development, particularly the influence of the art market on Kelley’s work and events related to his death in January 2012.

Published by Walther Konig

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