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The Dialogics of Contemporary Art: Painting Politics


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This book can be best understood with reference to the concept of “interanimating dialogics” developed by Mikhail Bakhtin. For Bakhtin, in dialogue, individuals “participate with their eyes, lips, hands, soul, spirit,” and with their bodies and deeds. Artists have always abstracted from or distilled aspects of their social and political milieu. Most of the artists in this volume do this in different ways, using various forms of abstraction, figuration, phenomenology, and affect. This book suggests that the very relationship between art and politics must be thought of anew through an interanimation of dialogical exchanges.

Simon Ingram, Gregory Minissale, Caroline Vercoe, Victoria Wynne-Jones

Text by
Anoushka Akel, Alex Bacon, Kirsty Baker, James Cousins, Wystan Curnow, Leonhard Emmerling, Graham Fletcher, Julian Hooper, Suzanne Hudson, Simon Ingram, Celina Jeffery, Helen Johnson, David Joselit, Hugo Koha Lindsay, Andrea Low, Bridie Lonie, Patrick Lundberg, Julian McKinnon, Francis McWhannell, Gregory Minissale, Shannon Novak, Laurence Simmons, Peter Shand, Allan Smith, Luke Smythe, Imogen Taylor, Tracey Tawhiao, Ane Tonga, Caroline Vercoe, Helen Westgeest, Victoria Wynne-Jones

July 2022
ISBN 978-3-7356-0832-1
19 × 27 cm
288 Pages
57 colored and 4 b/w illustrations

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