Zac Langdon-Pole
13th Fellbach Small Sculpture Triennale
11 June – 2 October 2016

In the past three decades the Fellbach Small Sculpture Triennial and its curators and renown artistic position has established an internationally recognized discourse on the sculptural format. The 13th edition will take place from 11 June to 2 October 2016. FOOD–Ecologies of the Everyday borrows its title from the still relevant project FOOD run by Gordon Matta-Clark together with fellow artists Carol Goodden, Tina Girouard, Suzanne Harris and Rachel Lew in Lower Manhattan in 1971-1974. The Fellbach Small Sculpture Triennial 2016 will serve as a platform to explore the subject of food and the context of it’s production and consumption as paradigmatic, universal examples of social, political, ecological and economic interrelations. The internationally renowned architects Kuehn Malvezzi have created an ideal setting in the imposing Alte Kelter, once a wine production facility, for the more than 40 international artists (see list below) who deal with aspects of the economic and ecological cycles of food, address the social and political dimensions of food and eating, or enquire how we define ourselves through what we ingest and to what extent it reflects our self-image and body awareness.

A number of historical positions, such as those of Gordon Matta-Clark, Félix González-Torres and Paul Thek, provide a framework for a large variety of artistic positions.

FOOD–Ecologies of the Everyday goes beyond concrete references to food to cast a wider look at ecological cycles and their societal implications to broaden the perspective and thematize man as the driving structural force behind the new epoch of the so-called Anthropocene and by whose agency natural cycles have been irreversibly changed. Please find a more detailed concept and the list of participating artists online at:


Zac Langdon-Pole, King Bird of Paradise (Apoda), 2016, Re-prepared taxidermy King Bird of Paradise, Dimensions variable